The content below is the week 1 summary of the update from our Vizsla breeder on the things she does with the puppies and where they are at in their development. The activities below are an example of what a reputable breeders does to help puppies prepare to live their best lives. This post is part of our How To Raise & Train A Vizsla section. Click here to see more weekly updates.

In this first week of the lives of the puppies they are exposed to calming music, bio sensor early neurological stimulation and handling by a couple of select people.

Notes regarding week one:

  • Puppies sleep a LOT
  • Puppies spend a lot of time nursing
  • But that's not all!
  • During a long night of labor, lots of classical music CD's were played
    • specifically designed for calming canines from Through A Dog's Ear
    • Momma dog had heard this music since she was born – it visibly relaxes her
    • before they were born + hours each day since, the puppies brain's are being ‘entrained' to relax and have positive associations with this music, while they are nursing and warm and safe with their mother
    • copies of this music is one of the things the breeder sends home with each puppy 
  • Puppies have gained lots of weight and are thriving
  • On day 4, they had their tails docked, and each puppy handled that with flying colors
    • Because tail docking is stressful enough
  • On day 5, the Bio Sensor Early Neurological Stimulation is started
  • The chief puppy socializer (not the breeder) has been handling the puppies:
    • in small groups
    • several times a day
    • puppies are getting lots of love, snuggling and individual attention
    • she camps out in the bedroom (where the pups were born and stay in the early stages of their life)
    • sitting with them as she watches TV or reads a book (acclimating to normal household sounds)
    • the bedroom has a door that opens directly to an outside porch
      • during nice weather, door is opened each afternoon, to let fresh air and interesting smells in
      • diffused some appropriate essential oils too, because now their sense of smell is their most developed sense
  • toenails trimmed for the first time
    • plan to continue this task a couple of times a week so it will never become an issue or ‘battle' 

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