What is your dog’s favorite napping spot?

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All of us took naps as children. Some of us needed it more than others, I would venture to guess. Then we all reached a point where we decided we were "too old" for naps. Then at some point during adulthood, we decided we actually like naps again if we were fortunate enough to find [...]

Should we get a puppy or adult dog?

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This article is part of our E-book, ASK THE TRAINER: Answers to common questions about dog training and behavior issues, including jumping, leash manners, aggression, fearfulness, and more.     Question: We are ready to get a new dog. We have heard it’s better to start from scratch [...]

The complete checklist for evaluating dog boarding, dog kennel and pet sitting options

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Most dog owners will need to board their dogs at some point. Some need to board their dogs frequently. For some, it is a rare need. Whether it is due to travel for work, vacation or some other reason,  we dog owners need to find others to care for our dogs who will meet [...]

Rules for hiking with your dog (infographic)

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Here's our rules for hiking with your dog: Maintain excellent health through proper diet and exercise. This makes it less likely they will eat inappropriate things due to nutritional deficiencies and will help ensure they are not overweight and have the stamina for hikes. Keep up with appropriate vaccinations (or titers) and vet checkups to [...]

Rules for interacting with wildlife

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If you take your dog on off-lead walks in nature, which is what we do every day, it is good to know some rules about wildlife interaction with your dog.  In a perfect world, we do not want our dogs interacting with any wildlife.  But the world and our dogs are not perfect, so what [...]

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