The content below is the week summary of the update from our Vizsla breeder on the things she does with the puppies and where they are at in their development. The activities below are an example of what a reputable breeders does to help puppies prepare to live their best lives. This post is part of our How To Raise & Train A Vizsla section. Click here to see more weekly updates.

In this eighth week of life, the puppies get in a couple more field trips, have their temperament and conformation evaluations and start going to their new homes!

Notes from week 8:

  • Another trip to the Farmer's Market
  • Another pool session planned was a total washout with a strong thunderstorm
    • unphased by thunderstorms
    • still got very wet
    • driven a long way just to have lunch al fresco!
  • Doing temperament testing evaluations this week
  • Doing conformation evaluations this week
  • Puppies start going home after evaluations