We have lived our entire lives with dogs, been in business with The Light of Dog since 2003, and currently live on a farm with our dogs. We want to positively impact the lives of our dogs in the six major areas of their lives: (1) choosing our next dog; (2) providing quality, holistic-based healthcare; (3) positive reinforcement-based training; (4) high quality nutrition sourced humanely through organic and regenerative agricultural standards; (5) environmentally responsible, non-toxic products; and, (6) enjoying life and sharing our adventures with them. Through our business, we create content, services and products consistent with our standards in these areas. Our goal is to live life to the fullest with our dogs and aim to inspire others to do the same. This is a monthly magazine published digitally and in print by The Light of Dog. Please subscribe your email to receive these digitally from the footer subscribe form on any page of our website.


ISSUE # 107  JULY 2019

How To Train A Vizsla: Week 1: Introduction to calming music and biosensor early neurological stimulation | Week 2: Introduction to stuffed animals, distinct odors through essential oils, sound desensitizing music and toenail clipping | Week 3: Introduction to more toys, textures, sounds and goats’ milk

Healthcare For My Dog: What is appropriate exercise for a puppy or adolescent dog?

Train My Dog: Dogs need opportunities to be dogs! | 97 ways to create great puppies

Adventures With My Dog: What to do if your puppy or dog gets carsick

Calendar:  Classes and Events Schedule