Coercion and Its Fallout (Revised Edition) by Murray Sidman. Our society is quick to use punishment to get others to do what we want, and dog training is no exception. Are punishment-based methods of training really as quick and effective as we’re often led to believe or even as they seem sometimes? Or are we lured in by the immediate result at the expense of long-term effects? This book is not about dogs, but it does provide some thought-provoking material in regard to our use of punishment and coercion. Although written about humans, much of it applies to all animals. I highly recommend this book if you want to gain a better understanding of how punishment affects all of us, dogs and humans alike. If you believe that punishment-based training methods achieve faster and more reliable results than positive reinforcement-based methods, I challenge you to read this book and rethink your assumptions. (Note: Be careful, sometimes the cost of this book is pretty high. But look and you can find a new or used copy for a reasonable price.)