In this short video, I discuss Cues and Expectations. There might be some new things in here for some, mostly a good reminder for others.

A few fun facts about this video:

  1. This was shot when Romeo was 8.5 weeks old. Notice he is napping on my lap. We had just finished his lunch training session, and he's busy processing that in his brain while he naps. Naps after training are crucial to retaining and processing that learning.
  2. When he was a puppy, the ONLY way he would take a nap was if I either let him crawl in my lap (as seen here) or I closed him in his crate. He literally would NOT take a nap if left to his own devices.
  3. I notice I have a band-aid on my finger. Do we want to bet on whether that band-aid was needed as a result of sharp puppy teeth?
  4. I also notice I had very little gray hair back then. Is it a coincidence that most of my gray hair came after Romeo joined the family?!