In this video, Zuzu is practicing on some obstacles that are more challenging than the usual ones we encounter. Some of these logs are narrower than she is used to, so you might see some trouble getting on them, or some wobbling once she is on. Some of the logs are rotting and falling apart so not steady to climb on. Some are not secured so are wobbling when she attempts to climb on or over them.

Notice that I encourage Zuzu to TRY things but never force or coerce her into doing something she does not feel comfortable doing. Zuzu is pretty adventurous and willing to try things. She has a great vertical jump and can get on some pretty high obstacles. She does not seem terribly afraid of heights and will climb up things that make ME nervous! But she also has great body awareness and knows what she can and cannot do. She has developed great body awareness and great core strength because we practice these things and have built up her abilities over time. We push her to step out of her comfort zone but never force her to do things that are beyond her capabilities.

In the video, you will notice that I pay her well for TRYING even if she does not succeed at things. The willingness to try and to do what she knows she CAN DO is what is rewarded. I ask her to try things and if she will not, that is perfectly OK with me! I ask if she wants to try it (I never tell her she MUST do it) and she can always say no. She always has a choice.