Bailey is the Black Lab mix in this video.

She was recently adopted and the owners wanted to know if she could join an upcoming group class.

Two concerns for her were her fearfulness at new/unexpected things and her unknown behavior with other dogs. So they brought her out for a quick visit for us to assess.

You can see in the video that she is curious and interested in the other dog. But as she gets more comfortable, she is also able to focus on her handlers and their treats.

Toward the end of the video we do see one lip curl/snarl from Bailey when the Goldendoodle turns toward her and is face-to-face, but we quickly give them both space and Bailey recovers immediately.

When she first arrived, she had her tail tucked all the way up under her. She was very nervous about being in a new place and not knowing what to expect. When the wind kicks up at one point, you see her startle. But she recovers quickly again.

We determined that Bailey would be a good candidate for the group class and that it will be a good step toward teaching her better manners, getting better acclimated to other dogs, and building her confidence.