There are days to celebrate just about everything these days, so you shouldn’t be surprised to know there is a “Take Your Dog to Work” Day. Established by Petsitters International in 1999, their primary goal was to celebrate the human-dog bond and promote adoptions from shelters, rescue groups and such.

This Friday, June 24, (2011)is this year’s “Take Your Dog to Work” day. Since my office is in my home, most every day is “Take Your Dog to Work” day at my house! I try to take Romeo out with me as much as possible as well, and once he’s a bit more mature, he will be coming with me more often. Romeo is very sociable and loves getting out to new places. Jahzara prefers to stay home. She would be perfectly happy if she never had to see anyone other than her immediate family.

If your dog is the more sociable type, and your workplace is dog-friendly, I encourage you to take your dog to work this coming Friday. If your dog prefers to stay home and sleep the day away, then respect that and let him/her stay home. Perhaps you could work from home for the day so you can still spend the day with your dog without putting him/her through the stress of being in your work setting.

If your workplace is uncertain about allowing dogs, explain or offer to demonstrate how well-behaved your dog is and what you have taught him or her in order to be a pleasant guest in the workplace. Offer to help establish some rules our boundaries for dogs who are allowed to visit.

If your dog is not ready to attend a day at work with you, think about the things you might want to work on with your dog so that perhaps this time next year, your dog will be ready to go to work with you. Does your dog walk well on leash? Greet others politely? Lie down on his bed or other designated area while you work? Remain calm and quiet when you have to leave your office or cubicle momentarily?

If you do take your dog to work, I would love to hear about it!

I think I’m going to establish a new day: “Play Hookie With Your Dog” Day. Hmm, I like that idea! I think I might experiment with that one myself before I roll it out to the rest of the world. . .