Looking for something new to try with your dog? In aanother post, I discussed the sport of K9 Nosework. This latest sport, called Treibball, comes from Germany. It was created with herding dogs in mind, but any dog can learn it.

Treibball is a sport that utilizes a dog’s herding skills. Since most of us do not have easy access to sheep, cows or other animals to practice herding skills, this is a good alternative. The idea is for the handler to remain close to the goal while directing the dog to herd eight balls, one at a time, into the goal within fifteen minutes. Dogs can use their noses or shoulders to push or “herd” the balls. Fitness-type balls are used, and the size will vary based on the size of the dog. Dogs need good control off-leash though beginners will often use a twenty foot line to get started.

Although herding breeds have a definite advantage in this sport, any dog can learn and participate. The real objective is to create excellent communication skills between dog and handler and have some fun!

If you’d like to learn more or find a class, you can conduct an internet search or visit the American Treibball Association website at: http://www.americantreibballassociation.org/

The ATA also has some YouTube videos that will give you a better idea what it entails.

If you’re not interested in formal classes or competition, take some ideas from it to create your own fun at home!