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The February 2019 Issue

Feature Articles, Videos and Infographics:  Walking with your dog: are you both tuned in? | Long Line Exercise: Voluntary Connection | How to buy canned foods for your dog

Fun Stuff We Did: January 2019 Video Mashup | January 2019 Pics of the Month | Most Popular Facebook and Instagram Post in January

Calendar and Group Class Schedules: Upcoming Classes at The Light of Dog Farm and in Littleton & Highlands Ranch | Upcoming events at The Light of Dog Farm.

   Training For Your Dog

New Videos and Articles

Walking with your dog: are you both tuned in?

Walking with your dog should be a pleasant experience for both of you. If it's not, you might need to work on some leash manners. In this video, we are helping Loki, the Boston Terrier puppy, get started on his leash manners.

This demo during Puppy Preschool Class is helping Loki to understand that we only proceed forward when we are tuned in with each other. When he tunes out and hits the end of the leash, we stop. When he tunes back in with us, we proceed forward.

It's especially challenging when we get close to the other puppies in class since Loki really wants to socialize! But you can see in the video that Loki does a great job checking back in after he gets distracted by others!  Click here to watch the video

Just For Fun


Upcoming Classes in Highlands Ranch

Our Tuesday evening classes are held outdoors at Redstone Community Park and other locations, all within close proximity to Santa Fe and C-470.  Please note these classes are only held during the spring/summer when longer daylight hours permit us to work outdoors.

  • Juvenile Delinquents:  next round in spring/summer 2019
  • Polite Pooches Class:  next round in spring/summer 2019

Click here for our complete group class & events schedule with available spaces.

Upcoming Classes at The Light of Dog Farm

Our full day of Sunday classes are at The Light of Dog Farm.

  • Puppy Preschool: Sundays 1:15 pm, classes are rolling enrollment, join any time that space is available!
  • Basic Training: Sundays 2:30 pm, new class starts 2/24
  • Juvenile Delinquents Class: Sundays 3:45 pm, new class starts 2/24
  • Intermediate Training: Sundays 10:45 am, new class starts 2/24
  • The Nose Knows: Sundays 12:00 pm, new class starts 3/24
  • Dog Parkour: Sundays 5:00 pm, new class starts 3/31
  • Rabbit Recall: Sundays 12:00 pm, new class starts 4/28
  • Fun & Games Class:  next round has not yet been scheduled

Click here for our complete group class & events schedule with available spaces.

Upcoming Events at The Light of Dog Farm

We have open house events on the last Sunday of most months, available for current and past customers and free of charge to attend. Upcoming events are scheduled as follows:

  • February 24
  • March 24
  • April 28
  • May: No Open House

Click here for more details.

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Zuzu (Greyhound): Social director, personal trainer, and chief protector from potential intruders. Romeo (Vizsla) is still with us in spirit, though we lost him in May 2018.

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