Some of the Zogoflex toys you can put treats in so dogs have to work to get them out. Others are just for play or light chewing. These are just a few of the toys they offer.

The Qwizl is good for putting a few treats in and very difficult to chew up. At least no one at our house has been able to do so yet.

The Tux Treat Toy you can also put a treat in, but the opening is much larger, so you need something large enough to stuff in, but again, it's difficult to chew up.

The Hurley does not hold treats, but we find a lot of visiting dogs like to play with and do some light chewing on this one and no one has been able to destroy it yet.

The Bumi is fun to play with and works great as a light tug toy with two dogs, but this one is easier to chew apart so be careful if you have a heavy duty chewer.

We also like the Flying Disc if you have a dog who loves frisbee but you don't like the hard plastic ones.

We also like that these toys are BPA-free, washable and durable.