This post is part of our weekly series on raising our Vizsla puppy, Zooka.  You can use our posts as a guide to help raise your own puppy, regardless of breed. Keep in mind that different breeds might develop at different rates, so while you can do these things with any breed, your breed might need certain things at slightly different stages or ages.  Click here to see our list of all updates.

Notes from Week 29:

  • Continue training
    • continuing with training even though we were on a road trip for this entire week
    • we do NOT take time off from training!
    • practicing most things we've been working on in new places every day
  • Field trips
    • this week was one big field trip!
    • this was road trip #2 for Zooka
    • first road trip was when we picked him up at 9 weeks old from his breeder in North Carolina and drove back to Colorado
    • this trip was from Colorado through Utah and Nevada to our destination in California
    • then return from California through Arizona and New Mexico
    • we spent one night at an RV park in our van
      • while OK for sleeping, we found it too crowded for spending the evening
      • thus the stay in hotel rooms for the rest of our travel days!