All of us took naps as children. Some of us needed it more than others, I would venture to guess. Then we all reached a point where we decided we were “too old” for naps. Then at some point during adulthood, we decided we actually like naps again if we were fortunate enough to find time to sneak in a light nap here and there. But our dogs nap a lot. They typically don't have the ultra-busy schedules that we tend to have these days and they spend much of their time napping.

WHERE does your dog nap? Does your dog have a favorite spot? Depending on the dog, those favorite spots can look very very different. Greyhounds tend to love warm cozy spots. Lots of blankets to cuddle under. Warm sunshine to lounge in. Someone to snuggle with. But Zuzu is not your ordinary Greyhound. In fact, she has some Irish Wolfhound in her, so she often gets too warm in those sunny cozy spots. She will snuggle once in a while, but it typically ends when she gets too warm. She will lie in the sunshine sometimes, but she will move when it gets too warm. She loves her dog beds. She loves the couch. She loves the floor. She loves to sleep with her head UNDER the dog bed. She loves to sleep half on the dog bed and half on the floor. She loves to lounge out on the deck when the weather is nice – cool but not too warm and not too cold. During the summer she will nap out on the deck all evening sometimes.

While some dogs have one favored spot above all others, Zuzu seems to like to move around. She has a variety of spots she will nap. In most cases, she will nap somewhere near me when I am home. She likes to be near me but not typically snuggled up with me. For those of you who remember Romeo, our Vizsla, his favorite spot for his entire life was snuggled up in my lap – no matter where I was. No matter how warm it was. No matter how little space there might have been. Not just near his Momma, but ON his Momma. Second option was the sunniest spot in the house, wherever that was at the moment.

Zuzu can nap just about anywhere that is not too warm. She is pretty flexible, which is nice especially if we travel.

Where is your dog's favorite napping spot?