We make available to the public the supply chain, inventory and production details about our products. This post contains information from a specific product production run.  More information about our product production logs is here.

Inventory and Production Notes

This is the production log for Peak Power Raw Dog Food Beef/Chicken Blend produced on this date.  Notes are as follows:

  • Lot code:  3/13/19; Expiration:  na.
  • Total lot weight: 156 pounds.
  • Muscle meat was the round cut, not the whole beef, as we are out of whole beef and purchased round cut for this production run.
  • Defrosted 4-days before – left at room temp out of freezer for up to 8 hours to hasten thawing then 3-days in refrigerator; vegetable and fruits purchased 1-day before. Still had a few frozen meat packages on morning of production so had to put them on heat for an hour to hasten defrosting. Other packages partially frozen but was able to break apart and they slowly defrosted over the course of the production so by final mix, everything was pretty well defrosted out.
  • Environment: 68 degrees and humidity 20%.
  • Mixed ingredients as they were added, which made it much easier rather than combining all ingredients and and mixing all at once.

Ingredient Inputs

Beef Muscle Meat

  • Round cut, from Farm2Table Meats purchased in a 120 pound lots.
  • Meat was originally processed on July 24 2017 by Jensen's Blue Ribbon Processing.
  • Picked up in two batches: December 17 2017 and on January 25 2018 from Farm2Table in Sedalia, which came direct from the processor.
  • Transported to and remained in freezers at The Light of Dog Farm.


  • Whole chicken, ground (including bones) into approximately 5-pound packages, from All About Nature.
  • Meat was originally processed, purchased and delivered to the Light of Dog Farm in December 2017.

Beef Liver

  • From Farm2Table Meats as whole cow liver.
  • Meat was originally processed in January 2018 time frame by Jensen's Blue Ribbon Processing.
  • Picked up February 14 2018, from Farm2Table in Sedalia, which came direct from the processor.
  • Transported to and remained in freezers at The Light of Dog Farm.

Vegetables and Fruits

  • Purchased March 12 2018 from Natural Grocers in Littleton and transported to and remained in refrigerator at The Light of Dog Farm.
  • See included images for additional product details.

Additional Ingredients

  • Fish:  Wild Planet, Wild Sardines in Spring Water, 4.4 Ounce Tins
  • Eggs:  from The Light of Dog Farm chickens, fed organic layer corn-free and soy-free feed.

Packaging Inputs

  • 2-quart Glad food storage containers.
  • Label is 1 x 2 5/8 Avery brand from Amazon.
  • Labels are not biodegradeable and ink is not plant-based; we hope to move to biodegradeable labels in 2018.

Equipment Inputs

  • Logistics:  we use gas-powered vehicles for pick up of ingredients.
  • The Light of Dog Kitchen, freezers, refrigerators, mixing and holding containers, grinder, utensils, weight scale:  please see this post on Dog Food Production and Processing Equipment at The Light of Dog Farm.

Resource Inputs/Outputs

  • Water: no additional water is added to the product; we are on well-water and are chlorine and fluoride free.  Click here for most recent well water test.
  • Electricity: supplied by IREA.  We are not yet on solar/wind.
  • Recycling: we separate trash items for recycling.
  • Ingredient waste:  we feed any ingredient waste or excess to our chickens or it gets composted and used in our farming.

Relevant Images For This Production Run