The December 2011 issue of Prevention Magazine had an article by Lisa Hoehn called The Best Chew Toys to Choose. Did you know there is no governmental oversight for the manufacturing of dogs’ chew toys?

According to the article, many toys are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that include the chemicals called phthalates. Chewing products with this chemical can increase your dog’s risk of liver, kidney and reproductive issues. Look for toys that are “phthalate free”  and also use nontoxic or no dyes.

Many people give their dogs rawhides to chew, but these are not without risk either. These are often processed with chemicals that might not be safe for your dog either. I have cautioned people about this for years. If your dog has diarrhea frequently, and you are looking at food as the culprit, you might want to look at what your dog is chewing instead.

Some dogs can chew anything and never seem to have an issue. Some have very sensitive systems. Err on the side of caution and provide your dog with chew toys and items that are as safe as possible.