If you're reading this, you hopefully already know some of the benefits of training your dog. Sometimes though, it's hard to determine the best format to use for the training goals you have. There are lots of options these days. You can train on your own. You can join a group class. You can buy a book. You can get a dvd. You can find video clips online. You can hire a trainer for private training. It's great to have a variety of options to choose from, but sometimes with too many options, it's hard to decide the right one for you.

In this post, we'll discuss the benefits of in-home private dog training:

  1. You get the benefit of in-person help from a professional trainer. This is a pro over options such as dvds, books or online options.
  2. You get ALL of the attention from a professional trainer. Rather than sharing that attention with others in a class, you get the entire focus of the trainer all to yourself!
  3. It is true that group classes are less expensive per session than private training. However, if you have specific issues you want to focus on, private training might actually take fewer sessions to accomplish your goal thus making it more cost effective.
  4. If you have specific issues to focus on, private training allows you to focus on just those issues rather than having to cover other things in a group class that you might not need help with or care much about.
  5. Private training in the comfort of your own home tends to make it much easier for your dog to focus on you and not everything else in the environment. This tends to help learning proceed more quickly.
  6. If your dog is not social, friendly or at least very tolerant of other dogs and/or strangers, then private training is the way to go. You and your dog will be less stressed and better able to learn and focus.
  7. If your dog is extremely shy or fearful, start with private training with the goal of perhaps moving into a group class later. Starting with a group class for these dogs can actually make things worse in some cases.
  8. If your dog loves to learn and you want to try some new things, private training can be a great way to experiment with some different ideas to find out what you and your dog love to do and what makes learning more fun for both of you.
  9. If your goal is to have a dog who is polite and well-behaved in public, or if you want your dog to eventually be a therapy dog (as an example), then private training can be moved from your home to nearby public locations such as the local park or the dog-friendly shops. This gives you the chance to have a professional help you through any public challenges without having to face it on your own.
  10. Training with your dog in a private setting is a great way to build both of your skills, to have fun and to continue to strengthen the bond you've built with your dog.