Many of us have been to specialists when we throw our backs out, can’t turn our necks normally, or are limping around due to knee pain. We can go to primary care physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors and many other types of specialists to help us with our injuries, aches and pains. But what about our dogs?

If there are severe injuries, we certainly would take our dogs to our vet or a specialist. But we can’t always tell easily if our dogs are not severely injured but just not feeling 100%. Perhaps they are not moving quite as fast as normal. Perhaps they don’t leap into your vehicle like they have in the past or they don’t romp with their buddies quite as vigorously. Most dogs tend to be fairly stoic about not feeling well, and we need to really be watching to catch subtle signs of them not feeling quite themselves.

Anyone who has spent time with Romeo knows he has been pretty active and rambunctious in his first four years of life. He plays hard and loves the rough and tumble type of play that boys often do. The majority of his walks are off-leash which allows for lots of running, fast starts, quick stops and sharp turns when he’s chasing something or just having fun. This type of activity can lead to injuries or simply being a bit out of normal alignment.

So for his first time recently, Romeo visited with a canine chiropractor. While I was not seeing any outward signs of trouble, I decided it would be good to get him checked out since I know I don’t feel great if I am a bit off from a sore back, neck or knees.

Romeo wasn’t so sure about the whole thing. Getting up on the table made him a bit nervous, but he did jump up with a bit of coaxing and the promise of tasty treats as a reward. Then being adjusted by a chiropractor can be a bit unnerving! Even for humans, when we know basically what is coming, it can be unnerving when the chiropractor adjusts your neck!

I had the chiropractor tell Romeo what she was going to do before she made adjustments. I rewarded him handsomely after each adjustment. While he was in overall good shape, there were a few things slightly out of alignment. I didn’t notice any huge changes afterward, but I think he was moving a bit looser and more freely afterward.

Was it necessary? Probably not, since he did not have any major issues going on. But I am glad we went, and we will probably visit once in a while to make sure everything is in good shape to help prevent anything more serious from developing.

Is your dog feeling 100% and in the best shape s/he can be?