You’re conducting a training session with your dog, but he’s spitting out the treats you give him. Normally, he loves these treats but now he has no interest. It might be that he’s simply full from his last meal. Or, he’s highly distracted by the squirrels, kids, neighbors, or neighbors’ dogs. Maybe he’s stressed by something happening in the environment. Or, it might simply be that he’s hot and the treats just aren’t as appealing right now.

While there are some situations where treats just aren’t going to work, you can try to make treats more appealing if it is simply due to the hot weather.

Try sticking treats in the freezer for a short while before your training session. You don’t want them frozen solid, but cool treats are more refreshing than room temperature treats.

Try filling an ice cube tray (get one that makes the tiny ice cubes) with water and/or a bit of beef or chicken broth and let freeze fully.

Try dropping treats in the ice cube tray first, and then finish filling with water or broth and let freeze.

If your dog likes fresh fruit and yogurt, make little frozen fruit pops by blending some fresh fruit and yogurt (or whatever else you want) and then freezing them.

Get creative with your treats for summer, but make sure you are keeping things cool. After all, which tastes better to you on a hot day – a cup of hot coffee or tea or an ice cold lemonade, iced tea, cold beer or other cool beverage?