In my earlier article about household rules, I asked what your rules were. But how easy is it to change those rules or implement new ones? Some of my clients are hesitant to change the rules. Let’s say, for example, that dogs have been allowed to sleep on the bed but you now want to change that rule. Can it be done?

Many people think that once you allow it, it’s going to be nearly impossible to change it. That’s really not the case. Well, at least not for the dogs. What I have found when we need to change some household rules is that it is generally more difficult for the people to accept the change than it is for the dogs.

While I always tell people with new dogs that it’s easier to start with some stricter rules and relax them later, it really can be done the opposite way as well. Dogs generally adapt well to change (look at how many dogs in our society change households several times over their lifetime – they are excellent at adapting!) but sometimes people don’t do so well. If you are consistent about the new rules, your dogs will adjust fairly quickly most of the time. Will you?

Is it time to change any of your household rules?