Dogs love to dig holes! There are a variety of reasons why a dog digs holes. Some examples include:

*To burn off energy
*To get at something (buried treasure, rodents underground, etc.)
*To escape or get somewhere else
*For fun
*As a stress reliever
*To find a cool spot to lie down

Some dogs will dig holes to create a cool spot to lie down when the summer heat is getting to them. If that’s the case with your dog, you might be able to eliminate the digging by providing a cool spot for your dog before he decides to dig.

Make sure you have a nice spot in the shade for your dog. Cool surfaces make the spot even more comfortable. Cool green grass. Cool dirt. Maybe even a kiddie pool with some shallow water to lie in is a favorite for some dogs. If you provide a nice cool comfortable spot, your dog might decide digging a hole is not worth the effort!