A quick way to help determine the quality of the dog food products you purchase

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Any commercial dog food product, whether it is for meals, treats, chews or supplements, is very difficult to determine if it is a quality product because manufacturers are not required to disclose information to help make that decision.  They can certainly create packaging and marketing copy to lead consumers into believing what they are purchasing [...]

The sourcing, production and packaging for Peak Power Dog Treats and how we do it differently from other dog food companies

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This article details our entire process for sourcing, producing and delivering our Peak Power Dog Treat products.  We want to be as transparent as possible with our processes so that customers have confidence we are producing high quality products that demonstrate the utmost in care and concern for livestock, land, environment and the health of [...]

Why choose grass fed beef for your dog

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I eat beef from 100% grass fed cows from small Colorado ranches.  It's the same meat we feed our dogs. I've known for some time that the health benefits of grass fed beef are superior to grain fed. But, until recently, I was not aware of the host of environmental and carbon benefits of [...]

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