Dog Food Recalls Directory

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Table of Contents By Year. Click the year to be taken to that section. 2019 2019 Hill’s Pet Nutrition Voluntarily Recalls Select Canned Dog Food for Excessive Vitamin D (1/31/2019) The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is notifying consumers of a recall of raw turkey pet [...]

What goes into making commercial dog treats and tips on buying the healthiest ones for your dog

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When purchasing commercial dog treats, there are three considerations that manufacturers keep in mind: safety, convenience, health. Safety Meat has pathogens in it, and regulations for making commercial dog food and treats are very strict in eliminating pathogens because of the potential to cause harm to people, not necessarily dogs. The main pathogens in raw [...]

Why choose grass fed beef for your dog

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I eat beef from 100% grass fed cows from small Colorado ranches.  It's the same meat we feed our dogs. I've known for some time that the health benefits of grass fed beef are superior to grain fed. But, until recently, I was not aware of the host of environmental and carbon benefits of [...]

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