A handy guide to buying chicken (for dogs and humans)

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We are big believers in purchasing humanely raised and healthy chicken, both for Ed and for our dogs' raw food diet (Sue is a vegetarian, so no chicken for her!). Maybe you feed your dog a raw or home-cooked diet. Maybe you supplement their dry food with fresh meat. Maybe you do none of [...]

What goes into making commercial dog treats and tips on buying the healthiest ones for your dog

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When purchasing commercial dog treats, there are three considerations that manufacturers keep in mind: safety, convenience, health. Safety Meat has pathogens in it, and regulations for making commercial dog food and treats are very strict in eliminating pathogens because of the potential to cause harm to people, not necessarily dogs. The main pathogens in raw [...]

How much dog food do I feed?

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How much dog food should your dog be eating? Just as in dog training, questions about feeding also are often answered with: “It depends.” There is no one easy answer to this question. Romeo and Zuzu stay lean in part by getting lots of exercise. If you feed your dog a commercial kibble, [...]

What do you feed your dogs?

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In some dog-enthusiast circles, discussing what you feed your dogs can be about as volatile as discussions on politics or religion. Some people have some very strong opinions about what dogs should be fed. My philosophy is that we should feed our dogs the best diet that we can afford in both budget and time. [...]

Should you feed your dog before going to training class?

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According to a new blog post on The Bark, we should consider feeding our dogs before going to training so they perform better. The November 8, 2012, post “The Importance of Eating Breakfast” by JoAnna Lou refers to a study conducted at the University of Kentucky. The study tested the performance of two sets of dogs, one [...]

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