I hear it often. . . “I didn’t spend as much time training this week as I should have.” Or, “I didn’t have time to train my dog this week.” It’s true that most of us are very busy, and sometimes dog training just doesn’t seem to make the cut when it comes to prioritizing our time. But here are some simple ways to incorporate training into your routine:

  1. Watching your favorite show in the evening? Have treats ready and when your program cuts to commercial, do a quickie 2-3 minute training session. When your show returns, the session is done!
  2. Heating up your lunch in the microwave? Grab the treat bag and do a quickie training session. When the microwave beeps, your training session is done!
  3. Making a phone call? Have your treats ready and see how many cues your dog can perform before someone answers the phone!
  4. Talking to a friend on the phone? Grab your treats and see how many cues your dog can respond to with ONLY hand signals and no verbal cues!
  5. Getting ready to head out the door in the morning but waiting for a family member? Grab your treats and get in a quick training session. When everyone is ready to head out the door, your training session is done!

What other quick training session ideas can you come up with?