I am a firm believer that dogs should be walked EVERY day. While there are exceptions, of course, the majority of dogs don’t get walked nearly enough. Normally, we walk our dogs TWICE a day, though sometimes during the shorter daylight hours of winter and the heat of summer, we only get in one walk a day.

While I believe walks are important, I also want people to understand that it is NOT always the best and only form of exercise for dogs. When you have a young energetic dog, a walk is important but not necessarily the first and best way to burn off energy. If your dog is too excited and too full of pent up energy (when you get home from a full day at work, for example) starting with a walk might not be the best choice.

For these energetic dogs who NEED to run and play, you might be better off starting with some play in the back yard or even in the house BEFORE you go for a walk. Burn off some of that pent up energy in a more appropriate way that allows your dog to run and be a little bit wild first. Then take your dog for a walk.

By burning off a bit of energy first, you can help reduce the excessive energy that results in lack of focus, lots of pulling and loads of frustration!