This post is part of our weekly series on raising our Vizsla puppy, Zooka.  You can use our posts as a guide to help raise your own puppy, regardless of breed. Keep in mind that different breeds might develop at different rates, so while you can do these things with any breed, your breed might need certain things at slightly different stages or ages.  Click here to see our list of all updates.

Notes from Week 22:

  • Housetraining
    • part of complete housetraining is ensuring there is a clear signal to go out
      • we can teach a signal – such as sitting at the door or ringing a bell
      • Zooka created his own signal – pawing at the door, which we are ok with
    • staying in a cabin for a few nights gives us a chance to test if housetraining is translating to places away from home
      • seems to be doing well away from home this week!
      • never assume a pup who is housetrained at home will automatically transfer the skill to new places!
    • access in the house has been managed and limited
      • starting to allow access to more parts of the house now
      • again, don't assume housetraining translates to new parts of the house without some guidance!
  • Teething
    • continues to lose his baby teeth
    • continues to need things to chew on to soothe his gums
    • frozen stuffed Kongs and bully sticks are our two main choices
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