We were on a walk with Romeo and Zuzu the other day. (January 2015) As we passed by our fenced-in garden, we realized a couple of the old wooden posts had finally given in and broken, which meant three fence panels were lying on the ground. We walked over to check it out, and Romeo hopped over the fence panels and into the garden to explore.

We continued on with our walk, but Romeo had not yet rejoined us. I called to him to let him know where we were. Nothing. Called again. Nothing. Then I heard barking. Romeo rarely barks on

why didn't i think of that

our walks, and I could immediately tell it was not his “I’m excited” type of bark but something else. So I ran back to find him.

The gate to our garden was closed, and there was Romeo barking at the gate. He could not get out! I didn’t have the heart to remind him that the fence panels were down and he could have just walked to the other end of the garden and gotten out on his own.

You might be quick to think that Romeo could not possibly be as bright as his Momma claims him to be if he could not figure that out. Maybe you’re right. Maybe his thinking skills are not as sharp as they used to be. Or perhaps this is an example of those times when any of us get so conditioned to doing things a certain way, that we have trouble getting creative and “thinking outside the box.”

We’ve all done it in one form or another. Someone points out a seemingly obvious solution to a problem, and we feel foolish for not thinking of it ourselves. Sometimes it just helps to have someone take a look at a problem with a fresh set of eyes to point out a solution that has eluded us.

This happens sometimes when I help a client with a dog training issue they are having. Once I help them find a solution, they say: “That seems like such common sense, why didn’t I think of that?” There’s no need for any of us to feel foolish. Sometimes we need a little help from our friends.