Most dogs are less energetic during the heat of the day – especially with our 100+ degree days lately. For those dogs, they are probably getting less exercise than normal. But they still need some exercise, which is best done early in the morning or later in the evening when it cools off.

This doesn’t mean you need to walk your dog or take him to the dog park in this weather. Keep in mind that pavement can burn when it’s this hot, and it can take some time to cool down. If you are going to walk your dog on pavement or gravel, please make sure it’s cool enough for your dog’s feet before doing so. Better yet, find a grassy park or other area to walk. Some dogs will play to exhaustion with other dogs without knowing better, so beware of potential heat exhaustion. If they are playing, ensure they have plenty of water and take breaks often.

Set up a kiddie pool with water, a sprinkler to run through, or some other way for dogs to stay cool when playing outside. Be sure to empty water and refill it the next day. Standing water can become contaminated, so make sure water is fresh.

Remember that mental stimulation, indoor games, or playing on grass in the cooler parts of the day are best during this heat. Mental stimulation can be training sessions or games that require using some brain power, such as hide-and-seek, find it games, or some nosework.

Make sure your dogs are SAFELY getting some exercise and mental stimulation during this heat.