What exactly are therapy dogs?

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In an earlier post, we discussed the differences among therapy dogs, service or assistance dogs, and emotional support animals. In this post, we will discuss therapy dogs in more detail. Therapy dogs or dogs who participate in animal assisted therapy fall under a few different categories. The following definitions come from the Pet Partners website. Animal-Assisted [...]

Therapy dog vs Service dog vs Emotional Support Animal

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People often confuse therapy dogs with service dogs or emotional support animals. While people sometimes use these terms interchangeably, they are all completely different. I thought it might be helpful to clarify the differences so that people can gain a better understanding of these terms. I have many clients who currently have or are working [...]

Reduce anxiety by teaching your dog to focus on you

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Romeo and I attended our Rally drop-in class again on Friday (April 2011). The last time we were there, it was crowded which resulted in my post about looking out for your dog's safety. This time, there were only four of us along with the instructor and her assistant and their five dogs. It was [...]

Keep your senior dogs active!

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Senior dogs often get the short end of the stick when it comes to our attention, exercise, training and bonding activities. Since they are usually easier-going and less problem-causing than our younger dogs, it's easy to pass up activities with them because they are "fine" hanging out by themselves. Dogs are generally considered "senior" starting [...]

What does your dog hear?

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Dogs can hear sounds up to four times the distance that we can. They can also hear a wider frequency of sounds than we can. Sometimes I wonder what they are hearing that I am missing. Other times, I am trying to get their attention, and they seem completely oblivious. If their hearing is so [...]

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