Sometimes I hear people say, I wish my dog could talk. I wish he could just tell me what he wants or what he’s thinking. What these people do not realize is that their dogs do talk – or communicate – but they just aren’t listening closely enough. Dogs do not speak English. Why would they, they are not humans. But they do talk in their own language. They do communicate with us. Sometimes it’s very obvious – at least I think it is. Sometimes it is more subtle. But if you are willing to listen, your dog does talk to you.

The other day (November 2013), I was sitting at the kitchen table, eating a late lunch. Romeo was in the living room about ten feet away. He said, I am bored. You’re skeptical, but he did say it. Not in English – I am translating, of course. I heard him, and said, we’ll do something in just a little while, but let me finish my lunch. He waited a few minutes, then came back and said, I’m so bored. Yes, I hear you, but you will have to wait a few more minutes.

So, now you’re very skeptical. Dogs don’t say they are bored. Why, yes, they do! The first time, Romeo said it by picking up the box of tissues on the end table. You might think he was just being naughty. And, by the way, he has not picked up the tissue box in probably two years. He was clearly saying to me that he was bored. When he said it again, he brought a shoe into the living room. He has not done that in quite a long time either. He really was bored.

Romeo was definitely talking to me. And I was listening. We did a training session which he was very enthusiastic about. After that, he indicated that although that was fun, he really still had some energy to burn. So, we headed out for our afternoon walk.

What has your dog said to you this week? Were you listening?