All dog trainers can relate to these types of questions/statements:
When will the training be done?
How long will the training take?
I have ___ event happening in __ amount of time, I need my dog to be trained by then.

There is no definitive answer to these questions and we set ourselves and our dogs up for failure when we put them on a deadline. Dogs don’t do deadlines.

Just as with people, every dog learns at their own pace. Some learn certain things with one event. (Hint: those are usually the things you DON’T want them to learn, such as fear of certain objects or people because of a traumatic event.) Some need dozens of repetitions. Some need hundreds. Some might need thousands.

But the timeline is not only dependent on our dogs. It’s also dependent on the people doing the training (or not doing the training) and other influencing factors. It also depends on whether we are doing things correctly so that the dog is actually learning. Sometimes our dogs are just getting more and more confused because we’re not communicating clearly.

The short answer is that there is no easy answer. So when you ask how long it will take, I will give you the answer that pretty much covers all dog training and behavior questions:
“It depends.”