Hard to believe our Vizlsa, Romeo, turns 3 years old on June 8 (2012)! We brought him home on August 1, 2009, just two days shy of 8 weeks old. I had been visiting his litter since they were two weeks of age. I took pictures for the breeder to send to the other families since they all lived out of state.

Since the breeder was choosing which pups would go to which homes, I didn’t know which pup I would be bringing home until the day we all met to bring our puppies home. It was likely I would be getting the only girl in the litter, so we already had a name picked out for her. Turns out, I didn’t get the girl, but rather “red boy” who was wearing the red collar. He was also known as “Traveler” since he was the first out of the whelping box and seemed to do the most “traveling” of the litter early on.

We didn’t actually decide on a name for him until he’d been with us for a few days. For whatever reason, I had a preference for “J” names. We had our Greyhound, Jahzara, and had lost our Smooth Collie, Joxer, the prior year. But my husband and I could not agree on a J name. So I spent a lot of time sorting through names to find just the right one.

I finally hit upon Romeo, which means “pilgrim to Rome” which seemed to fit his “traveler” moniker. It also is very fitting for the Vizsla breed who don’t just want to be with you, they want to be on you. And if you like kisses, Romeo is your guy. If ever there was a lover-boy, it’s our boy Romeo. So, all around, the Romeo name seemed very fitting for him. And as he turns 3 years old, it’s just as  fitting.

Since I began my blog, I’ve posted lots of stories and updates on Romeo and his training. And there will be plenty more to come. At three years old, I would not say he’s a fully mature adult yet. Vizslas tend to be slower to mature than many breeds, and males tend to be slower to mature than females. But he certainly has come a long way since he turned one or two!

I can’t imagine life without you, Romeo. As much as I have taught you, you’ve taught me more. And you’ve brought so much fun and joy to my life. I look forward to continuing our adventures together for many more years.

Happy birthday, Romeo! Love you, buddy.