We make available to the public the supply chain, inventory and production details about our products. This post contains information from a specific product production run.  More information about our product production logs is here.

This picture is of Sally, a great dane boarding with us who gladly agreed to sit while we snapped a pick with finished product on its way to the freezer for storage.

Inventory and Production Notes

This is the production log for Peak Power Raw Dog Food Beef/Chicken Blend produced on this date.  Notes are as follows:

  • Lot code:  1/14/19; Expiration:  1/14/20.
  • Total lot weight: 172 pounds.
  • Meat defrosted 9-days before; vegetable and fruits purchased week before before.
  • Vegetables, fruits, meats ground on separate days, so final day was assembly only.
  • Environment: 65 degrees and humidity 20%.

Ingredient Inputs

Chicken Muscle Meat

  • Whole ground chickens from All About Nature, including bone for calcium.
  • Meat was originally processed in November 2018.
  • Delivered to The Light of Dog Farm November and December 2018 and remained in freezers at The Light of Dog Farm.

Beef Liver

  • From Farm2Table Meats as whole cow liver.
  • Meat was originally processed September-November 2018 time frame by Jensen's Blue Ribbon Processing.
  • Picked up on November 29 2018 from Farm2Table in Sedalia, which came direct from the processor.
  • Transported to and remained in freezers at The Light of Dog Farm.

Vegetables and Fruits

  • Vegetables were cauliflower and cucumber purchased from Natural Grocers Castle Rock January 10 2019, and yellow squash was grown from The Light of Dog Farm in 2018.
  • Fruit was bananas, raspberries and blueberries purchased from Natural Grocers Castle Rock January 10 2019.

Additional Ingredients

  • Fish:  Wild Planet brand canned sardines purchased via Amazon November 2018.
  • Eggs:  from The Light of Dog Farm chickens, fed organic layer corn-free and soy-free feed.

Packaging Inputs

  • 2-quart Glad food storage containers.
  • Label is 1 x 2 5/8 Avery brand from Amazon.
  • Labels are not biodegradeable and ink is not plant-based.

Equipment Inputs

  • Logistics:  we use gas-powered vehicles for pick up of ingredients.
  • The Light of Dog Kitchen, freezers, refrigerators, mixing and holding containers, grinder, utensils, weight scale:  please see this post on Dog Food Production and Processing Equipment at The Light of Dog Farm.

Resource Inputs/Outputs

  • Water: no additional water is added to the product; we are on well-water and are chlorine and fluoride free.  Click here for most recent well water test.
  • Electricity: supplied by IREA.  We are not yet on solar/wind.
  • Recycling: we separate trash items for recycling.
  • Ingredient waste:  we feed any ingredient waste or excess to our chickens or it gets composted and used in our farming.

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