What is appropriate exercise for a puppy or adolescent dog?

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What is appropriate exercise for a puppy? What KIND of exercise should you give your puppy? How much is too much? How much is not enough? This is one of those Catch-22 situations. Puppies in general have a LOT of energy. And we need to make sure we are finding ways to help them [...]

Dogs need mental stimulation too – not only physical exercise!

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A tired dog is a good dog. You've most likely heard that before, but that's not entirely true. What matters is not just the amount of exercise your dog is getting or the amount of energy you are burning. What really matters most is finding the ideal combination of ways to burn energy for [...]

Walking your dog – is it really good exercise?

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Many people think of walks as the main means of exercise for their dogs. But is a walk really the best form of exercise for our dogs? For some dogs, walks are great exercise. For some dogs, a walk really doesn't scratch the surface at burning off their energy. I don't think walks are the [...]

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