The rules of puppy play – and eliminating puppy nipping

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Puppy nipping and biting is a common problem. The problem often spills over into adolescence and sometimes even adulthood. How do I get my puppy/adolescent/adult dog to stop nipping?! If the nipping is happening during play - or attempts to instigate play - then one of the answers to the problem is to look at [...]

Does playing tug with a dog cause aggression?

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I often hear people say they do not play tug with their dogs because they were told it causes aggression. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this, I could take a nice vacation! As a general rule, tug does NOT create aggression. It’s perfectly fine to play tug with your [...]

Is walking your dog a drag?

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I am a firm believer that dogs should be walked EVERY day. While there are exceptions, of course, the majority of dogs don’t get walked nearly enough. Normally, we walk our dogs TWICE a day, though sometimes during the shorter daylight hours of winter and the heat of summer, we only get in one walk [...]

The benefits of play for dogs

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Play is fun for our dogs. It’s fun for us to watch our dogs having fun. But we often don’t consider all of the possible benefits of play for dogs beyond just having fun. In my training, I point out that play is a great opportunity for our dogs to learn our rules. It’s [...]

Dog social skills with puppies

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When you live with an adolescent dog, there are some days when you wonder if s/he will ever mature. I certainly have had those thoughts about Romeo some days. (July 2011) One of my objectives with raising a dog from puppyhood was to build great social skills so that he could assist me in my [...]

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