For any of you living with smart, high energy dogs, you know it can be a challenge to keep their seemingly limitless brain power and physical energy directed toward constructive activities. If you’ve seen my earlier posts, you know Romeo passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen. We have also been attending Freestyle classes (and are getting ready to compete soon) as well as working on attaining his Trick Dog Titles through Do More With Your Dog!

Romeo achieved his Novice Trick Dog title by being able to demonstrate 15 tricks at the novice level. He achieved his Intermediate Trick Dog title by being able to demonstrate 12 tricks at the intermediate or higher level after achieving his Novice title. For his Advanced Trick Dog title, he had to complete his Novice and Intermediate titles first and then demonstrate five advanced or expert tricks. Advanced tricks include such things as performing a directed retrieve, jumping over my back, distance work (three behaviors from at least 10 feet away), or being able to bring a tissue.

We will begin looking at the tricks needed for the Expert Trick Dog title next. The point for me is not how many titles Romeo can earn but rather continuing to find ways to stimulate him, challenge him, keep him learning new things and, most importantly, provide fun ways for the two of us to strengthen our bond and work better as a team.