How to rank dog food options, categorized from highest to lowest quality

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This infographic scale is from our resource guide, How to Make Healthy Food Choices For Your Dog, a 40-page document that we researched, wrote and keep updated about how to make healthy food choices for your dog. The best foods choices to feed your dog are ordered according to this infographic. However, this list is only [...]

Why dry kibble is bad for dogs

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Dry kibble is the predominant way people feed their dogs and is among the worst choices. Here are reasons why dry kibble is bad for dogs. Kibble needs carbohydrates to be kibble Kibble products must contain a minimum of 30% carbohydrate and/or starch to bind together into a kibble shape, otherwise it falls apart when [...]

What we feed our dogs

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When it comes to feeding your dog, there is no one right answer for every dog and every household. (Though some people will try to convince you otherwise.) I used to feed my dogs dry dog food, or kibble. During that time, I fed my dogs a variety of different brands, though I always did [...]

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