Why dry kibble is bad for dogs

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Dry kibble is the predominant way people feed their dogs and is among the worst choices. Here are reasons why dry kibble is bad for dogs. Kibble needs carbohydrates to be kibble Kibble products must contain a minimum of 30% carbohydrate and/or starch to bind together into a kibble shape, otherwise it falls apart when [...]

Does your dry dog food contain corn?

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We could argue whether corn is good for your dog or not in the first place, but that’s not the point I want to get at today. The condition of the corn in your dog food is what is of concern here. In the November 2012 issue of The Whole Dog Journal, there is an article [...]

A letter to Cancer

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Dear Cancer, I am normally not so forthright in my disdain for others, but I feel it is important for me to be honest with you. I wish you did not exist. I despise you. I hate that you rob loved ones of time together. I hate that you took both of my Greyhounds, Gunner [...]

Behavioral signs of cancer in dogs

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More info from the talk by Christine Hardy, DVM, MBA, MPH from the CSU Animal Cancer Center. In an earlier post, I listed the Top Ten Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets. This post lists some of the possible behavior changes you might see if your dog has cancer: Some possible behavioral changes you might [...]

Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets

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At my most recent Colorado Dog Trainers Network meeting, we were fortunate enough to have Christine Hardy , DVM, MBA, MPH from the CSU Animal Cancer Center speak with us about cancer in dogs and cats. She provided us with the Top Ten Warning Signs of Cancer in Pet Animals: Abnormal swellings that persist or [...]

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