The February 2019 Newsletter Issue: Walking with your dog: are you both tuned in? | Long Line Exercise: Voluntary Conn…and more

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Dog Training    Dog Boarding    Dog Training Products Dog Food Products   Dog Toys In This Newsletter: The February 2019 Issue Feature Articles, Videos and Infographics:  Walking with your dog: are you [...]

Walking with your dog: are you both tuned in?

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Walking with your dog should be a pleasant experience for both of you. If it's not, you might need to work on some leash manners. In this video, we are helping Loki, the Boston Terrier [...]

Production Log for Peak Power Dog Beef Treats Semi-Soft/Chewy on Wednesday January 9 2019

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We make available to the public the supply chain, inventory and production details about our products. This post contains information from a specific product production run.  More information about our product production logs is [...]

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